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Aditya Nighot Interview – U n Me…It’s Complicated!!! Book

Aditya is currently pursuing M.B.B.S degree (Second year). He is also working on his second novel which will be based on a leading social issue. Let us know more about a young author about his writing who is a medical student.

Aditya Nighot Interview

What inspired you to start writing?

The ever increasing rate of suicides and relationship break-ups being one of the topmost cause behind it, inspired me to go to the root of the cause and try and bring a change in the mind-sets of the people, thereby coming up with a book.

What did you like to read when you were a boy?

I am still a boy! It sounds good to be one and makes me realize that I still fall in the youth generation. Well, right from childhood I have loved reading. Mystery and Romantic genres are my cup of tea.

What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?

The greatest challenge is making the book interesting and worth reading for the readers. Finalizing a basic story is easy but making it sound real and in accordance to the demands and expectations of the public is a tougher but achievable call.

How much research do you do before writing the book?

My research is quite simple – I like to emphasize more on the characters and to bring my characters to life, I just keep a record of whatever I come across – Just when we enter a restaurant or a movie theatre or when we are sitting in our college canteen, we get to see different shades of people. I study their behaviour and actions and pen them down into my book.

Aditya Nighot Interview

What motivated you to write the book “U n Me…It’s Complicated!!!”?

I personally like those stories which have some message in them. So, I would never end up coming with a senseless story that wouldn’t be beneficial to the society. The message I wanted to highlight proved to be the motivation behind my writing.

Can you tell us more about your latest book “U n Me…It’s Complicated!!!”?

U n Me…It’s Complicated!!! as the name says is about complications created in a relationship, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes by deliberate mistakes. The story is about two junior college students who fall in love with each other and thus make their way to a so called ‘committed relationship’ But are they really committed ? or is it the innocence and the immaturity that causes a mis-conception between commitment, love and mere attraction? When things get nasty, the male protagonist decides to attempt suicide. So is this the end of his life or there’s something more into it? – that’s what the readers have to find out.

How did you came up with the idea of writing non fiction genre book?

Although the story is inspired from real life incidents, we can’t completely rule out the fact that majority of the scenes in the story are fictional. The message and the basic concepts of the story are inspired from various real life incidents, which I came across in different newspapers.

Who are your favourite authors?

They change according to genre, Mystery would be Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle and Romantic would include Jane Austen & Chetan Bhagat.

How much time do you dedicate for writing on a daily basis?

I don’t really keep a record of the time. It is as long as I can mentally think of some good scenes in the story and physically my body helps me to keep on writing.

What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?

Stick to the basics – don’t hype whatever you write, believe in your work and don’t let the negative reviews affect your moral. Just keep on writing and always try and make your next book better than the previous one.

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