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Shilpa Suraj Interview – Rescued by Love Book

A published author with Harlequin India, Mills & Boon Indian author collection, Shilpa Suraj’s first love has always been romantic fiction. Both her books The Girl He Left Behind and Rescued by Love have spent a consistent amount of time on the Amazon.in charts.

An avid reader with an over active imagination, Shilpa has weaved stories in her head since she was a child. A passion for English and creative writing in particular saw her participating in writing competitions at school and dabbling in copy writing for an ad agency as a teenager. Seven years in the corporate space and a spell at entrepreneurship all hold her in good stead for her multiple current roles of author, wife and part time employee at an architecture and interior design firm.

Shilpa Suraj

What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always wanted to write but never actually got around to it because of work. When I got married, I took a six month sabbatical from work to enjoy some newly married bliss so to speak J and suddenly found myself with the time to write. I started tapping away at my laptop then and haven’t stopped since.

What did you like to read when you were a girl?

I grew up on Enid Blyton. Secret Seven, Famous Five, The Faraway Tree Series, Malory Towers, St. Clare’s…there are just too many to name. Add in Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and I was in heaven. 🙂

What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?

Not giving up on your manuscript when you hit a slump. It’s important to work through it because every day isn’t going to be a breeze. Although when you have those days when the words just fly across the page, it’s the best possible feeling.

How much research do you do before writing the book?

Research is important. I’m currently writing a romantic thriller and I spend a lot of time making sure the tiny details I’m penning are accurate. If it’s a romance that focuses more on the relationship between the two protagonists, human interactions play a huge role in the research and plotting of the characters and story.

Shilpa Suraj

What motivated you to write the book “Rescued by Love”?

I love writing romance and writing a story of star crossed lovers who desperately yearn to be together but can’t due to outside reasons is something that has always played at the back of the mind. It finally took form as Rescued by Love.

Can you tell us more about your latest book “Rescued by Love”?

Rescued by Love is at heart a love story. It’s a story about two people who though at opposite ends of the spectrum in every sense of the word fall madly in love with each other. Outside factors keep them apart but as their lives collide over and over again, they find that their desperate passion for each other doesn’t go away but only flares with a furnace like intensity.

What makes Naina and Arjun special in my eyes is that they always stay true to the core of their personalities regardless of what life throws at them.

How did you come up with the idea of writing romantic fiction genre book?

All my stories have a strong core of romance. I love the idea of writing romance and everything that goes with it. The ideas and plots spinning through my head almost every minute of every day all have strong protagonists with a passionate romance at the core of it.

Who are your favourite authors?

Nalini Singh, Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas to name just a few. The list is endless because I’m a voracious reader. I recently read Falguni Kothari’s Soul Warrior and thoroughly enjoyed the book.

How much time do you dedicate to writing on a daily basis?

I try to write for at least an hour or two a day but some days I don’t find the time while others I spend all day in front of the laptop. I don’t have a very regulated schedule because life tends to get in the way but I make as much time for it as possible. It is after all my passion. 🙂

What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?

Don’t stop writing. If you have a story to tell, don’t give up on it or yourself. Also, most importantly, tell the story you want to tell. If it doesn’t come from your heart it won’t resonate with your readers.

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  1. Interesting interview. Good to know more about you. Like you said, “keep writing”, and that’s exactly I am doing and enjoying, even if my book fails to get off the shelves.
    I wish you all the best for your new book, and whatever you write in future.

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