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Sandeep Kothapalli Interview – Once smitten, twice shy, thrice lucky Book

Sandeep completed his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad (Class of 2011). He is currently working as a Senior Manager at one of India’s biggest Business conglomerates. He had achieved University Gold medal while pursuing B.Tech from JNTU.

Sandeep Kothapalli Interview

What inspired you to start writing?

It’s difficult to express ‘What’ tangibly. It began as a way of expressing what I felt internally and I found solace in it. Writing provides me an outlet to express what I feel about anything and everything. It feels good. Hence, I write.

What did you like to read when you were a boy?

I should thank Uncle Pai (Anant Pai). I virtually devoured every book in the ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ series. Then I progressed on to Charles Dickens and from then on, I started reading Fiction on a regular basis. Particularly, thrillers and fast paced dramas.

What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?

Two things. One – Sustaining the momentum. Second – Designing the Characters as per the storyline. Once, you have a fair outline of the story, it becomes difficult to keep track of the various characters for you have to ensure that they stay true to their behavioural traits irrespective of the pace at which you write. Sometimes, an author goes through a phase, often referred to as ‘Writer’s block’. That’s when it becomes difficult to sustain the pace of the book and keep the various characters consistent throughout the book.

How much research do you do before writing the book?

Difficult to quantify! Nevertheless, research is integral. Otherwise, the reader won’t associate with the characters and then the story doesn’t serve a purpose. For example, a good part of the storyline in my second book (yet to be published) is based out of Illinois – USA. For that, I had to spend considerable time researching the living habits, topography, layout of the residential colonies and many other things, that would eventually help me set scenes there.

Sandeep Kothapalli Interview

What motivated you to write the book “Once smitten, twice shy, thrice lucky”?

I thought it was something different. Something, people usually don’t talk about. A guy falling in love multiple times? Sounds odd, right? But that’s what I wanted to talk about and hence the book OSTSTL.

Can you tell us more about your latest book “Once smitten, twice shy, thrice lucky”?

The book describes the trials and tribulations of a guy over a period of over two decades. His professional life is in order. But his relationships with two special women is an immense learning experience for him. Experience that shapes his life before he goes on to meet his true soul partner.

How did you came up with the idea of writing romantic fiction genre book?

There wasn’t any brainwave of sorts when I started writing. Nor, did I consciously chose to start off with in the ‘romantic fiction’ genre. For me, it was a story that needed to be told. And that’s how it is I guess with any other writer. My second book is not in this genre. I would call it more of a fast paced drama with enough twists and tales.

Who are your favourite authors?

Charles Dickens, JK Rowling, Jhumpa Lahiri.

How much time do you dedicate for writing on a daily basis?

I write when I feel like. There have been days when I have written on a stretch for three to four hours.

What are you writing next?

It’s again fiction. Fast paced drama, thrilling at places and futuristic with underlying subtle themes of love and caste based idiosyncrasies prevalent in our society. And of course you would also encounter a gigantic devastating Tornado in this book.

What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?

Words of wisdom! Despite my first book, I am still waiting to make my work in the literary world. To aspiring writers though – ‘Writing is all about two Ps – Persistence and patience.’ But once you start writing, get yourself a good editor.

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