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Rajiv Bakshi Interview – Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara Book

Rajiv Bakshi completed his B.Sc and MA English. He also did CAIIB in Banking exams. He got retired as a Senior Manager from a Nationalised Bank. He is currently an Author. He has contributed few stories in Womens Era Magazine. His articles also appeared in The Tribune group of papers published from Chandigarh. Let us know more about his writing.

“I would like to thank Mr Nikhil Narkhede founder of this site for featuring me on your platform.”

Rajiv Bakshi Interview - Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara Book

What inspired you to start writing ?

When I  look at the hind site, I find that I had been writing ever since I was in school. my first poem Sleep was published in Sainik School Kapurthala magazine when I was 8.

After that a break of few years till I  was doing my Post Graduation in English. . I  was students editor in my college. But frankly I  have now no record of what I  wrote there.

When in PSB bank, there used to be a magazine : PSB House Journal. I kept sending articles to them and each got published. For  each Article I got Rs 500 or Rs 1000. more than the money it was the recognition which I got when i used to see my name in print.

The day 29.02.2012 I retired , i was casually asked my boss that what  I would do after retirement. I burst out : i will write a book on short stories;

When  asked name it; I  murmured : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara

This  is how name of my book came into existence

What did you like to read as a boy ?

As a boy or as a student I read newspaper, filmfare, screen, Parry Mason .

I also read How to Win friends and influence people  & How to Stop Worrying and start living.  by Dale Carneige.

What is greatest challenge in writing a book ?

The greatest challenge in writing a book is selecting a plot. convincing you and your close relatives that you can DO IT. If DH Lawrence could write a book . why  can not I ?

But one always procrastinate before going in the plunge. It took me almost 35 years to pen my Book.

How much research you do before writing a book ?

If you really want that you want to see your name and people read you, there is lot of research that has to be done. you need to know what is the taste of people?

I did not want that i print 300 copies of my book and then distribute it free to my relatives or donate in libraries. this was never my aim. I am sure no one reads a free book. I have so many of free books with me and I  have not read more than a few pages.

My first aim was to convince people to see my book , buy it and then read it.

I am glad that till now my book is in 12 countries, 70 libraries of reputed  schools, colleges, universities and also in 4 Bankers training institutes.

What motivated you to write a Book ?

In my book there are 20 short stories : tragedy , comedy, wit & HUMOUR. i DID NOT WANT TO GO WITH ONE GENRE OF READERS. My BOOK ALSO CATERS TO READERS FROM ABROAD, .There are 2 stories on Pakistan . one story on USA family, one on Canada family. I was looking for my readers from abroad too.

Rajiv Bakshi Interview - Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara Book

Can you tell us about your book “Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara”?

As i told you that my book has 20 short stories and these were pruned to 20 out of 30 stories written by me, Each story must have been edited atleast 10 times by me and my son Tarun who is a software engineer in USA . The Pictures used in all stories were clicked and arranged by my daughter in law Chhavi. My wife Mrinalini who works as a teacher in a reputed school was instrumental in encouraging me to publish my book. In most of the stories you will find me in one form or the other, but not in my name.

How did you come up with idea of writing anthology genre book ?

I think  I am too lazy to write a book full fledged of 300 pages. You need to build a plot in your mind. There have to be lot of twists as happens in TV dramas to keep audience interest alive. Writing a story is a different concept. when ever you get an idea , you scribble it on a piece of paper and then build a story.

To me writing a story is very simple. I mostly take not more than one hour to write a story. What  takes time is writing it on computer and then editing it to make it a bit flowery. You will notice that i dont use any heavy words in my stories. my book caters to age from 10 to 90.

Favourite authors ?

One of my favourite Authors from India is Chetan Bhagat . More because he wrote Two States and my Book is also on 2 states { Assam  & Punjab )

These days I  read more of new Bloggers on WordPress . I am really impressed by writing skills of young girls especially. I find that there are more female Bloggers and more female readers in India and abroad. I may be wrong because I donot get to know the name of my readers when they order my book online.

How much time do you dedicate in writing daily ?

I write, type, edit for more than 4 hours a day and rest of my time in reading newspapers, periodicals, new books, some free books, some free newspapers which  I have started getting after my interview was published in them .

Words of wisdom to aspiring writers ?

I think I am too young to give wisdom to aspiring writers. My Book is just 1 year old.  The  only advice I  can suggest is ; keep a target in front of you and think that you can achieve your aim of publishing a book , come what may come. A QUICK SAY Its easier to write a book but difficult to sell even one copy when you are a first time writer. And I know that a first time Author does not have enough funds for the publicity.

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