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Interview of Indian Authors who made a World Record! – Magic Magic Book

ANIL SAMOTIYA is a businessman and has interest in studying spiritual science and paranormal literature. He resides in Indore and is currently working on a series of paranormal stories for a TV serial.

KUNAL MARATHE has written columns, articles and short stories for various publications, his first novel was released in January, 2011. He is currently CEO of Author’s Empire and has authored two books. Magic Magic is the third book authored by him.

The authors recently made a WORLD RECORD by launching the book trailer of Magic Magic in presence of 2106 audience in Mumbai and got the world record title LARGEST CONGREGATION ON BOOK TRAILER LAUNCHING by the Golden Book of World Records.

Interview of Indian Authors who made a World Record! - Magic Magic Book

What inspired you to start writing?

Anil Samotiya: Both, Kunal and I, are writers at core. In fact, writing is what we love to do as our passion and our hobby. I have to look after my business and Kunal has his own publishing house. Yet, we give more time to writing everyday than our businesses.

What did you like to read when you were a boy?

Kunal Marathe: I would admit that I am not a diehard reader, especially when it comes to English novels. I only read them to learn the writing style of reputed writers. That is my only motive of reading a novel. On the contrary, my coauthor of Magic Magic, Anil Ji, is a hardcore reader. He has a library full of fiction and non-fiction books at his home.

And yes, when I was a boy, I was more into Hindi short stories of those academic books. Even today I randomly buy Hindi course books of any class and start reading the stories. I like the way they depict the Indian villages, and railway stations, and schools etc. It takes you to a different world.

What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?

Anil Samotiya: I think it is sticking to the plot and keeping it interesting. When it’s a fiction, anyone can write it. But the good writers would manage to keep the readers hooked. It’s important.
Secondly, many writers of fiction fail to understand that when you write a novel, you need to show, not write. I mean, whatever you have written in the novel, the readers should be able to see it in their imaginations. This is perhaps the biggest challenge of writing a good fiction book, I guess.

Interview of Indian Authors who made a World Record! - Magic Magic Book

What motivated you to write the novel Magic Magic?

Kunal Marathe: I will be true and genuine. I won’t give a made-up story for this question. I am a publisher, I know the market. And I am aware of the fact that the market is flooding with repeated love stories. The readers are bored of them. On the other hand, romance is still dominating the market. So I was looking for some romance story but with a fresh theme.

After few meetings with my partner Mr. Anil Samotiya, we realized that he was interested in writing something on magic and I was looking out for romance. So we came together to write Magic Magic, a magical romance novel.

Can you tell us more about Magic Magic?

Anil – Kunal: Magic Magic is a magical romance novel. It is basically a love story with magic as the center theme. Since it’s the first part of our trilogy, we have tried to keep it a light read. Our major focus is on romance and humor in this part. And of course, Magic is another important element.

We have written it keeping the reading preference of the young Indians who do not prefer too dark stories.

Our protagonist, Sikandar, is perhaps one of the most interesting protagonists of Indian fiction world. We took good time developing him and making him as interesting as possible. His powers, his wit, and his dialogues – everything about him would be special.

The novel is currently on Preorder on Amazon.in and it would release in the month of May.

How did you come up with the idea of writing romantic/supernatural fiction genre book?

Anil Samotiya: Perhaps because of this unique combination of two authors with different taste and thinking. I am only into writing. I don’t understand marketing, choosing the right genre as per market etc. I simply write. And I love supernatural elements. I have read hundreds and thousands of fiction and non-fiction books; whereas my partner, Kunal Marathe, is more into the market flow, sales figure and all. He suggested we should not give up romance as it still has an impact on the market. So we came up with this novel, Magic Magic, which is romantic as well as supernatural.

Interview of Indian Authors who made a World Record! - Magic Magic Book

Who are your favorite authors?

Kunal Marathe: I love Chetan Bhagat’s writing. His books have unique power of hooking up the reader. There are people who blame him for weak writing, but I guess, writing is all about making the readers understand it. What is the use of writing the best possible literary language when people won’t understand it? Before Chetan Bhagat, many Indians did not read English novels because the language was not something a common Indian would understand. Bhagat was the man who made English novels simple, and interesting, and perhaps, that is the reason why he rules the market today.

Apart from Chetan Bhagat, I love reading all those crime novels by Mario Puzo. The God Father, The Last Don, The Family, The Sicilian – all those novels by Puzo are simply spellbinding.

How much time do you dedicate to writing on a daily basis?

Anil Samotiya – I wake up at around 4 in the morning and start writing. In a day, I write for around 10 hours on an average.

Kunal Marathe – I starting writing at 11 in the night, and I write till 7 in the morning. So that makes it around 8 hours a day.

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