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Giridhar Alwar Interview – My Quest for Happy Life Book

Giridhar Alwar is from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. He completed his B.Tech from KMMITS, Tirupati. He is presently living in Chennai and working as a system administrator in HCL, Chennai. He is an arts enthusiast and a lover of music. Apart from art (pencil sketching, painting) and writing, he loves to play the guitar. ‘My Quest for happy life,’ that reveals how to strive for a happy life, is his first novel.
Giridhar Alwar

What inspired you to start writing?

Whenever you share your sorrows with someone, you feel free of them. But who would be the best companion to share your few feelings that cannot be shared even with the people who are very close to your heart sometimes? I found myself in a similar situation, and had to lean towards papers as a companion to share my feelings and to get relieved.

That’s how I started sharing my thoughts about life, my hearty feelings when I felt pity for the people, their behavior and choices that were happening right in front of my eyes.

What did you like to read when you were a boy?

Truth is that I was not a good reader when I was young. I would just sit and listen to stories that my dad used to read out for me and my sister during our childhood. Initially, I liked to concentrate on those stories as my dad would read to me, later on I started falling in love with the content that he read, some of them were mythological and adventure stories. Don’t ask the names of those stories; I forgot them all the way.

During my high school days I started developing a passion for sci-fi content and started digging deeper and deeper into the topic in web.

What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?

As a whole, the process of writing a book from page one to the end is a challenge; there will be different perceptions with each person in this aspect. But for me, the English grammar was the first and the biggest challenge. Every day when I read out my content I found new mistakes and had to sort them. Even after finishing the editing the whole content from my end, my friends found many mistakes, copy editor from Notion press took a final glance on the content to get it refine at last.

Writing the story in the same pace till the end, selecting the righteous title that suits the story are the other challenges. Finally the cover design, it took another ten days for me to work on it to get all the designs done, and at last my concept that designed by my friend suited the most.

How much research do you do before writing the book?

As I took the fiction genre to publish my work, I had to think a lot to submit my thoughts. I incorporated my experiences to make this story a realistic one; I involved the ideal characters that I always think of. My long journey on the middle class family struggles and relations, helped a lot in completing this story.

In fact, I had to keep my own self in each and every moment that I narrated in the novel to get that near to the practical tact.

Giridhar Alwar

What motivated you to write the book “My Quest for Happy Life”?

Firstly, I found many people in my circle of friends and relatives, who would be crying or feeling sad for some bad situation that they faced, sometimes I would sit and listen to them say how they want to end their life as they got fed up with it. I, as a guy who experienced lot of blows in life was trying to give them some hope. Of course you cannot always be successful.

There I thought of writing a book with my experiences and thoughts, thinking it would help people feel better to have their lives even with their inconvenient circumstances. My words may not reduce their pain, but they can soothe at least to get some hope even in breath taking situations.

Can you tell us more about your latest book “My Quest for Happy Life”?

My quest for happy life, which completely revolves around a boy Aaryan, the character of the protagonist, is described in such a way that nobody should feel that their problems are big or breathtaking after reading to his story.

The story is involved with few lively incidents in my life province. It’s a middle class family oriented novel which reflects the lives of people and their mindset, their choice among the love and the blood bonds. This is a story of a boy who has driven his life against his bad fate and tries to discover a happy life.

My quest for happy life is all about a boy Aaryan, who doesn’t know the dark side of the life. All of a sudden his fate flips to its worst side and gives him blow after blow continuously. Even though, he tend to struggle with inconveniencies completely; he starts finding happiness in small things to come out of the gloom.

He loses his beloved people one by one, remained alone with the promises that he made.

Does he fulfill the promises that he made…? Does he stand as a trust worthy for the people who believed him and descended their responsibilities…?

Which way he selected while struggling with the problems, whether he faced them or ran away…? Who helped him to come across those situations…? Does he succeeded in finding the happiness or not…? Did he make a happy life or not…?

Answering to these questions I just wanted to give a message to all (At least to a few). : P

How did you come up with the idea of writing fiction genre book?

I thought fiction genre would be the platform to submit my thoughts without hurting anybody where I can present my whole content completely.

Who are your favourite authors?

With the truth that I read very less number of books; in those I read, I like Viktor E. Frank (for Man’s search for meaning) and Amish for the Shiva series, I love his narration as the most.

How much time do you dedicate to writing on a daily basis?

Didn’t allocate any particular time on a daily basis, I wrote when I was free and out of distractions. When I took pace with writing I left all the other activities (I stopped attending my guitar classes even) and dedicated my time to writing and reviewing. I had no breaks in the first four months then I took a break for a month to get refreshed and started again.

I worked for 8 months to write the whole content and took another 3 months for editing and for getting the book out in self-publishing arena from notion press.

What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?

Passion and Determination are the two key things which helped me to find myself as an author. As such you find people who encourage you with positive aspects; you may find some others who discourages with negative shades, just balance them and reach your destination. Put down your pen and share your thoughts.

Everything is in our own hands… Let’s rock the life.

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