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Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty Interview – 3 @ a Time Book

Diptendu is a Mechanical Engineer and also MBA in Marketing. He is currently working with Toyota at Muscat, Oman as a Marketing Executive. Let us explore more about him as a writer and his latest book.

What inspired you to start writing?

Writing has always been my passion right from my childhood. I used to write every single incident that occurred at the end of the day in a dairy after the days’s proceedings. One of the main reasons i started writing was i was an introvert and since i couldn’t speak or vent out my frustration on a particular incident i had to pen it down on a dairy. i have maintained such diaries till today. So, writing as a passion was cultivated right from the day i started learning and understanding education.

Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty Interview

What did you like to read when you were a boy?

I used to read a lot of comics which included all the marvel superheroes and their Indian counterparts, Chacha Choudhary being one of them because of the comical element.

Apart from comics during my teens I used to read a lot of thriller stories which included those of Nancy drew Enid Blyton.

What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?

I would rather say that there is no challenge to write a book. The challenge is to have a story or a plot in your mind which you think your target readers would love to read.

The next challenge is to have a protagonist of the story and building other characters around him/her which follows up with developing scenes and the mind frame of the characters which includes their attitude, strengths, weaknesses and most important of all their ambitions.

Last but not he least is the challenge of ending the story because the ending creates a long lasting impression about the book on readers mind.

Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty Interview

How much research do you do before writing the book?

For the entire story a lot of research has to be done for the characters, places and events to look real and tangible. For every chapter right from the start to the conversation between characters and the connection with the next chapter has to be maintained genuinely and realistically.

For “3 @ a time” i had to visit all the places personally to describe it in my story and meet my friends staying here who helped me to formulate the entire plot.

Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty Interview

What motivated you to write the book “3 @ a time”?

I have read and seen a lot of love stories in the past where a boy meets a girl they fall in love and live happily ever after. However, i never believed in the fact that if you are in love with one person you can’t fall for another.

Love happens to everyone and it can happen in your life more than once and if such kind of love happens in anyone’s life he/she has to face the consequences related to the same as such kind of love is not accepted by our society.

So basically I wanted to give an option to my reader that love can happen in your life more than once that’s understandable. However, be ready to face the consequences related to the aftermath of such incidences.

Can you tell us more about your latest book “3 @ a time”?

3 @ a time is the story of Deepankar and his tryst with trust, love, relationship, betrayal and humiliation with 3 girls at the same time along with maintaining his reputation as the wonder boy of his college.

Deepankar- Strong, laborious; with a never-say-die attitude while searching for true love ends up in a relation with three girls from his college.

Notorious yet dedicated for his deeds at college, Deepankar seeks love from his dream girl who turns out to be Homosexual!

And then destiny plays its game and he ends up being in love with three girls at the same time.

In the End does it matter ???

Will the search for his soul mate be completed after his rendezvous with all the 3 girls?

Will Deepankar restore his faith in others or will life throw curve balls at him?

Will he be able to maintain his reputation or will be hailed as a onetime wonder?

3 @ a time” tells us not to be complacent on our victories neither be demotivated on our losses.

Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty Interview

How did you came up with the idea of writing romantic/chicklit fiction genre book?

The first emotion that ever happened to mankind was love and romance. Journey of mankind started with the fruit of romance between Adam and Eve. It was the love between two people which created this universe and it was always the love which is the backbone for the atrocities that has ever happened in this universe. Love and romance are the most constant perimeters and that is an universal truth.

If someone is reading a novel, he/she doesn’t want to be distraught-ed. After a tough day at work everyone want to relax and romantic fictions are the best way to do so as it gives you the pleasure and desire to imagine about the one person you love.

Being a die hard romantic at heart I wanted to continue this trend of distributing love and romance all over with a pinch of thrill and humor in between.

Who are your favourite authors?

Nicholas Spark is my all time favorite.

How much time do you dedicate for writing on a daily basis?

I usually write after my work hours and on my weekends which sums up to be 8-10 hours a week. What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?

Just follow your instincts to write, never think about getting published or whether readers will like it or not etc. if you have a good story and plot in your mind your work will always be appreciated and accepted world over.

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