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Ankit Bohra Interview – E-Love Book

Ankit Bohra is Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession. Apart from CA, Bachelor of Commerce is another degree in his bucket. He did his graduation from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He also did his schooling in Jodhpur and then he shifted to Ahmedabad where his journey to become a CA started. He is currently working with a professional firm Ernst & Young as an Executive in Assurance service line at Bangalore location. He is a CA final rank holder. He achieved 28th All India Rank in CA final also he is one of the few chartered Accountants who have penned down a fictional novel. Let us know more about his writing.

Ankit Bohra

What inspired you to start writing?

As a reader, my first novel was “I too had a love story”. That story left an incredible impression on me. That was the time, when I realized, even I wanted to pen down stories. I wanted to narrate something which people could connect instantly with. The kind of storytelling I enjoy is where people can imagine the scene as the story goes by, and hence I decided to write the story accordingly. I started building up the points. As I moved ahead, I could see the story, narrating the incidents and one day I concluded the story.

What did you like to read when you were a boy?

Since very beginning I preferred reading romance. I started with Ravinder Singh’s novel and currently, I am reading Preeti Shenoy’s novel. I feel connected while reading their narrated stories. Other than Ravinder and Preeti, I have read books written by Nikita Singh, Durjoy Datta, Sudeep Nagarkar.

What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?

The hardest thing about writing is to “write.” The motivation to keep writing and presenting the work to people is the most challenging thing. At times when mind stops working and words can’t make its way, it becomes difficult to keep writing. I have come across a number of people, who have started writing but couldn’t complete their story. It almost took four years for me to complete the book. There was a time, when like many other people, I too couldn’t move ahead with the story. However, luckily because of my inspiration, I completed it.

How much research do you do before writing the book?

To be very honest, I didn’t do any research work before writing my book. One fine day, I started scribing the story. I wanted to narrate, so I started penning it down.

Ankit Bohra

What motivated you to write the book “E-Love”?

e-love* *Terms & Conditions applied revolves around love and technology. I picked up the story after coming across one of such incidents. Moreover, we find that because of social media, people meet, fall in love and carry their relationship. Most of the relationships don’t survive and finally, it ends up hurting both the persons involved. So I desired to write down this story, as it is pretty much appropriate in the present time and people could connect to it easily. Tagline for my book is “It’s not my imagination..It’s your story, I have just articulated!!”

Can you tell us more about your latest book “E-Love”?

e-love* is about;

Ankit, a village boy who moves to Jodhpur with the aim of getting the tag of CA where he happens to meet Akshi. They start talking to each other through text messages and Facebook. They talk to each other daily and almost every time they were sharing their life stuffs. They become friends and in a short duration of time, good friends and soon best friends. Akshi being caring and sweet in nature, made Ankit addicted to her and Ankit starts getting the atmosphere where he finds himself secured, pampered and cared. Almost after three months of their friendship, they fall in love with each other and the time comes when Ankit proposes Akshi.

They seem to be made for each other. Every other stuff of their life had some input of each other. They rarely used to meet each other but texts filled that gap. All things were fine between them until the time, when due to the dance practice of Akshi for some performance, brings down their chatting time to twenty minutes from four hours every day. Ankit tries to manage himself, consoling that the time would get over and everything will get normal, but he ends up fighting with Akshi; at times, also losing his tolerance power. During the hard time of the relationship facebook tags which were being uploaded by Ankit’s friend, made the situation more disastrous. Situation was becoming worse and worse.

When everything seemed to be on track, Ankit’s examination becomes a hurdle, and then Akshi is not able to cope up with the situation. On his birthday, Ankit expects much from Akshi, but it hurts him very badly when she doesn’t meets his expectation and they end up the day with bad fight and soon it leads to their breakup. Ankit tires hard to keep their dead relationship but ultimately he gives up and tries to move ahead. Ankit’s brother marriage was the right occasion, which helped him in moving ahead. However, true lovers can’t live apart for a long period, he again meets Akshi there, where she apologies to Ankit for the done and asks him to be together again as they were. Marriage season ends up, bringing them together.

Soon after the patch-up Ankit moves to Surat for his further studies. Due to his busy schedule of the classes, he was not able to give enough time to her and the old story repeats. They start quarrelling over small- small issues and used to end up their chat with bad words. All efforts seemed to go wrong. When love is wrapped up by anger and frustration, nothing can go right. After Valentine’s Day Akshi decides to put a full stop to their relationship and leaves him alone.

e-Love; tries to find out the answer of the question whether love can be carried over text or facebook chats. In reality true love demands more. Can true love flourish over chat or it just starts with chat and ended over chat?

How did you come up with the idea of writing romantic fiction genre book?

I love reading romantic novels. My book shelf contains romantic books only. It’s very difficult for other genre book to find a place in my library, so when it came to write a book my first choice was romance. It didn’t take much time for me to decide the genre.

Who are your favourite authors?

My favourite authors are Preeti Shenoy and Ravinder Singh. I have read their books and I find their books “Awesome” Most of the time I read romantic novels only.

How much time do you dedicate to writing on a daily basis?

There is no specific quantum of time that I have to spend on writing on a daily basis. If I want to write, I can write anytime, anywhere and any day. I write till I start lacking the words to write.

What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?

Well as of now, I am not in any position to advise anyone because my journey to become a writer has just started. To advice someone, one has to be good enough and experienced, I feel I lack that kind of experience as of now. But I would like to share one advice which I have received that is “write to narrate a story, not to sell a story”

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