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Ameya Agrawal Interview – A Leap Within Book

Ameya Agrawal (21 years) is a young student to write a book on Self-Motivation. He is currently pursuing his engineering from MIT College of Engineering, Pune. He is also a motivational speaker and an aspiring entrepreneur who firmly believes that “Entrepreneurship is a responsibility rather than a profession.”

Sudeep Nagarkar who is the national Best Selling author himself has launched the first look of his book. He says, “Its Success, which makes you Beautiful. You just need to take a leap within”. He achieved a National Record for being the Youngest Student to write a book on Self-Motivation by Incredible Book of Records.

Ameya Agrawal

What inspired you to start writing?

I never thought I could write even a page. Many feelings use to remain intact in heart so during school I thought of noting them down in black and white. Writing that one page at a time kept me inspiring.. My mom kept the small 100 pages book which I wrote in school seven years back and always use to remind me of that ( Hope to get that published soon ) . A LEAP WITHIN is thus a result of that little spark that was lit during school and which was nurtured and encouraged so well by my parents. I must say Once you take the first step your mind keeps you passionate about it. For me Writing gets addictive. When I start it, I need it more than my next breathe. Give it a try.

What did you like to read when you were a boy?

When I was a boy, honestly I hardly read anything except my school textbooks, Navneet Guide. Unlike my most of the friends I never liked reading. My father always used to encourage and even scold me at times to start reading something, at least the newspaper. So when my friends were reading ‘ Mrityunjay- A legendary Marathi book I was somewhat trying to read Champak, Chacha Chaudhry and other comics. But now I learned that Reading does make a person wise.

What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?

The greatest challenge in the beginning is to be consistent, confident and have faith in your work. Especially for any debut author finding publisher who trust your work, marketing, letting people know about your book is an hectic task which needs lots of patience. There are times when you don’t understand what you are gonna write next or sometimes whatever you wrote till now makes no sense. Trust your writing during this time. Writer’s block is a common problem. Writer’s sometimes are not able to write a single word for months and that may discourage them, but during this time one should always indulge himself something creative that will boost you to come out of that problem else you get disheartened and surround yourself with your own negativity.

How much research do you do before writing the book?

Since A LEAP WITHIN is a book on self-Motivation. Research, self exploring, meeting people, understanding various aspects was a continuous process and it went hand in hand with writing. It was around an year of research.

What motivated you to write the book “A Leap Within”?

Everyday experiences, introspection, wish to improvise on mistakes and a vision to reach the youngsters so that they can also motivate themselves for a brighter life was the main motivation.

Ameya Agrawal

Can you tell us more about your latest book “A Leap Within”?

Did you ever had an urge to take a dive through yourself and explore the seen but unfelt feelings? If yes than this book is for you. The book is divided in to 7 sections. THE BEGINNING deals with the very basic mantras of life to start with. The ABOUT LIFE section takes you on a tour to understand what life is about and its various aspects. EXPLORING YOURSELF helps you understand yourself better by putting light on various elements of human psychology like Subconscious mind, hope, anger, fear. Then comes the everyone’s favorite part LOVE- A WEIRD CONCEPT, it takes you on an exploration of your deepest feelings of love for someone, the strength of a bond, the phases one goes through while in love.

The next part SOCIETY AND YOU tells the reader about his connection with the society, its importance and how one can enhance his standing among people. It also gives you basic understanding about different types of people.         DEVELOPING THE INSIDE YOU- it’s a quick guide to develop your personality, your inner self and how to shine as a person. I HAVE LEARNED- This consists of one liners based on the experiences and research I had which are separated on basis of career, yourself, love etc. To excel, one can fathom these subjects as mention in the book. The book also consists of stories about incidents happened with me, some from internet and even from my reading to understand and connect with things better. And trust me there is no need to follow a particular order to read the book, you can pick up any random topic or page and you can still connect with it. That’s the beauty.

How did you come up with the idea of writing self help genre book?

Many people still ask me this question. Some say why you chose the genre which don’t sell easy while some are excited to know that a youngster of my age chose this genre. Actually I never started writing as a profession and I don’t even completely look at it that way even after the love people bestowed on my book. My journey of writing which was limited to my emotions and my diary and my experiences was joined by my family and friends who encouraged me to take the next big leap of writing it down in a form of book.

Our society think that the youngsters of our age aren’t serious or don’t look at the wider aspects of life, but this book is a proof that there is much more to the youngsters that meets the eye. Our generation is serious about their goals, life and their duties. This book is nothing but a reflection of their thoughts. I just gave them words. You can call this book as By the youngster, to the youngsters and for the youngsters. My experiences made me confident that we the young people of india have the power of introspection and we can now distinguish right from wrong much effectively. This reason of making these thoughts reach the masses so that everyone can take benefit from this made me write in this genre.

Who are your favourite authors?

I am not much of a reader. To be frank I used to hate reading, but when I started writing I slowly started generating an interest towards it. I still don’t read much but simple and light stuff which makes wheels in my brain rotate is what I love. I like Sudha Murty’s House of Cards, Chetan Bhagat’s R2020, and Sydney Sheldon’s Sky is falling. Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is a must to mention.

How much time do you dedicate to writing on a daily basis?

Depends on the urge the words inside me have to come out. On a fine day I dedicate almost 2 to 3 hours for writing plus the planning and research and sometimes even writing 2 pages becomes a tough nut to crack.

What words of wisdom would you like to give to aspiring writers?

In my talks around the various institutions as well as to my readers, I always encourage them to start taking actions. I have seen people wanting big things in life but have no idea where their current life is heading towards. I always tell them that Its ‘You’ who is responsible for whatever good or bad is happening to you. Stop blaming and Start to amaze the world. When you take just the first step towards your dream, the world automatically starts unveiling its beautiful plans for you. Then you never have to look back, Your work keeps you motivated and keeps you going.   The first step is all you need and that’s only the step where many fails. So remember “ Its Success which makes you beautiful. You just need to take A LEAP WITHIN”.

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