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Aasha – The Inspiration Book Review

I always look for inspiration in the books which I read. When I read the blurb of this book, I was sure that I am going to get that inspirational dose which I am looking for. Reading a book just for the sake of fun is one case and reading a book to get a message out of it and you remember a book by that message. You will find the same from this book.

Aasha - The Inspiration Book Review

Aasha – The Inspiration Book Review

You won`t believe that I read this book in one go. I had a cup of coffee in between but it was so much interesting that I was hooked upon the story till it gets over. When you start reading the book, you first are surprised that the Authors are actually narrating the story of an Author in her own voice. This felt a bit touching as it was like the direct words from the fictional author in the story.

This is about the journey of Jyoti Priya Malvankar, right from her birth to her success in the latter part of her life. The story is set in Kolhapur, Maharashtra to the Atalanta, USA. The Author seemed to be living in her house in Atlanta, USA and depicting her story that’s how it felt for the reader. So there is a story inside a story. There are a lot of takings from the book.

Well in the beginning, you will get to know about the family of the Author who was living in a village in Kolhapur. The plot is set in a Marathi family and you can see all the emotional trauma which can be expressed in between the family members. When Jyoti was born, her family was not that much happy as she was a girl child. Though even having support from her mother and grandmother, there are a lot of hurdles, which she had to pass.

The hardwork done by her parents, especially her mother is very intriguing to know. He relation with her Kaku(Aunt) added spice in the story. Yes there will be Marathi words in the story, which you will surely get acquainted. How the joint family works and in that era, how her school life started. So all this information is given in minute details and you start imagining the characters and the plot of the story in front of your eyes when you start reading the book.

There are instances in the book that you are emotional about a particular character in the book and you want to help her, but as it is a story you keep on reading to know more what literally happened next.

Her school life was shown, then the latter part of the school life. There are a lot of twists in the story and the life of the main character Jyoti was not at all simple. It is just amazing to know that a girl with so much determination achieves a lot in the latter part of her life in the book.

Is there love, romance, comedy in the book? Well that question was in my mind too. But I did found the love and affection of the character towards her dear ones for sure. There are some instances where you will surely get happy for her in the story. You will get to learn a lot about how the girl was raised, and in what circumstances she achieves in her life. Not only she achieves a lot but she does a lot for the society by working in an NGO which is one of the most interesting things of her life.

I will keep the secret of how she goes to Atlanta, USA as you will be surprised to know while reading the book.

The takeaways we can take from the book are that a girl child is not a liability but it is an asset which when given an opportunity can be bloomed like a flower into the society.

A must read book by everyone as it is about the life of a girl who will inspire you to go against all odds to achieve the so called impossible.

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